Before/after drawing of a background design

One of the school tasks at my Graphic Storytelling class was to recreate an old drawing/project. I chose an early portfolio drawing I did back in 2015.

The result can be seen below. This time around I have focused more on an intriguing layout and also more depth in the picture. I opted for a more straightforward coloring, as it would more likely be something I would do in a comic book background.

If you scroll further down the page, you’ll see my approach.




I began with designing the layouts themselves. I did 3 takes on it.


I chose thumbnail #2 and resized it as seen here on our right. I changed the line to blue and now it’s ready for me to sketch on top of it in a new layer.


I draw the sketch so I get all my details down so it’s ready for linearting.


Now we’re ready for inks! I make a new layer on top of my sketch. This is where we draw a clean lineart on top of the sketch to make it ready for coloring.

Flat colors

When the lineart is finished I make a new layer where I make my flatcolors using the bucket tool.

Shadows and filters:

When my flat colors are made I add shadows, light and filters. When I’m happy with the result I play around with the line colors and then it’s done!

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