In the country Shionia, for over 100 years man has lived behind a large wall that encircles their towns and fields. Here they live in a society where the poor work for the rich and where the government decides how the supplies are distributed, which gives great social problems. Before the wall was built, man lived in fear of the species Veaphs-a humanoid creature which is more primitive, but also much more dangerous.

The great threat of being eaten by Veaphs built mankind a huge wall that no Veaphs has been able to overcome – and since then, they haven’t heard or seen any since. Now two generations after, people live behind the walls, but now the threat is another, namely the lack of food and supplies, because the amount of space behind the walls makes the crops fewer and fewer.

This has divided the waters of the population between those who want to break free from the walls ‘ limitations and those who want everything to be as usual. This starts a revolution which is going to change Shionias future.