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It's been some time since it was notified - but it doesnt' make it less cool! My illustrations have been mentioned in a book review of the TIMO book series that are written by Lars Bøgeholt Pedersen and I am really happy that the reviewer Jane

Yaaaaaaaaay, I've been in Go ' Morgen Danmark! (Good Morning Denmark (TV)) And the theme was MANGA! They were so nice and welcoming, so it was a completely wild experience that I had never thought I would be able to try. It all started with Berlingske KIDS

Is there anything better than getting in a children's newspaper where the theme is MANGA? Berlingske KIDS ' NEWS photographing me while I draw and explain how to draw yourself as a manga figure.

Hi! My name is Angelica Inigo Jørgensen and I am an Illustrator/Graphic Storyteller! I've finally bought myself a domain and made myself a website where I want to share my portfolio, CV and latest news! Please do contact me if you have any questions!   Visit my school portfolio here: