Here is an overview of my publications of children’s books and illustration projects.


1-page comic

Publisher: Soaring Penguin Press

Release: 2018

Get Naked

Comics about “getting naked” with Steve T. Seagel


IMAGE COMICS: In the spirit of essayist David Sedaris and monologist Spalding Grey, SEAGLE and 19 emerging global cartoonists take drawn storytelling into the world of the “graphic essay.” 19 stories of global attitudes about the naked body balance raw comedy, raw emotions, and raw cartooning. SEAGLE honestly chronicles his place as an undressed metaphorical fish out of water on different continents—from not recognizing a famous naked celeb in Hollywood to being naked and eaten by actual fish in Tokyo.

Author: Steve T. Seagel

Publisher: IMAGE Comics, USA

Release: 2018

The Timo Books

The Timo Books are an exciting easy read book collection for children with low lix spread over 3 books: “Timo og Pelsjægerne”, “Timo og Slavehandleren” and “Timo og Dragekongen”.

Author: Lars Bøgeholt Pedersen

Illustrator: Angelica Inigo Jørgensen

Publisher: Forlaget Pronto

Release: 22-09-2017

Hip Hop Family Tree

Ed Piskor has been our teacher at the Animation Workshop and in the two weeks with him I did two comics which he ended up wanting to publish in the back of his successful comic “Hip Hop Family Tree”.

The comics were my interpretation of the resp. “The little Match Girl” and “Cinderella”.

Author/illustrator: Ed Piskor

Comic: The Little Match Girl+ Cinderella: Angelica Inigo Jørgensen

Release: 2016

Front cover illustration for “Pigebarn”

Author: Mette Bluhme Nielsen

Illustrator: Angelica Inigo Jørgensen

Publisher: Forlaget Mellemgaard

Release: 22-08-2016