Sketches from my trip to Crete with my in-laws. fly_sæder

From the left: SAS-flight from Aalborg to Kreta, Rasmus in the air plane, Grapes, Greek view

Flight seets on the SAS-flight on our way to Crete, 2017

chania_tomater hus_chania

Tomato plant in a restaurant at Platanias, Crete 2017

Old charming house at Chania’s harbor, Crete 2017

Snapshots of people

sandra2 sandra

Sandra (sister) portrait), 2017

Sandra (sister) enjoying the sun at Dollerup Bakker, Viborg 2017

rasmus3 rasmus2 rasmus Rasmus, lecture 2017

Rasmus, lecture 2017

Rasmus sleeping, Gl. Kalvehave 2017

ea Fred2 fred

Ea, my mom’s cute dog, 2017

Fred, lecture 2017

michael Michael, Hvidbjerg 2017 jimmy

Jimmy (little brother), summer party 2017


Mom Cathy, sandals, summer 2017

tove Tove, Rasmus’ grandma, Kalvehave summer 2017 Festival guests “Danmarks Dejligste Festival”, Hvidbjerg skov, summer 2017

Snapshots of food:


Nina’s strawberries, Gl. Kalvehave 2017


Træstamme and spandauer at Lagkagehuset, KBH, summer 2017

Snapshots of places:

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